Reveal - Small Book Tote

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  1. After learning the dissapointing news from my local SA that Dior has decided to delay the release of the small book tote worldwide until Jan 2020 and my pre-order of the small book tote will be cancelled, I immediately start searching high and low in Japan and was so lucky to be able to hunt this cute baby from Tokyo. 20190425_134344.jpeg 20190425_134436.jpeg 20190425_134512.jpeg
  2. Debuting the small tote bag at the launch of the pop up store for Dior Men's Fall 2019 collection. I receive so much admiration of the small book tote from guests ! Screenshot_20190427-012550_Gallery.jpeg 20190425_190800.jpeg 20190425_132131.jpeg 20190425_190905.jpeg 20190425_190916.jpeg IMG-20190425-WA0021.jpeg IMG-20190425-WA0023.jpeg
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  3. Admiring the details and fine craftsmanship of the embroidered oblique canvas
    mmexport1556006528651.jpeg mmexport1556006533461.jpeg mmexport1556006551343.jpeg mmexport1556119753691.jpeg mmexport1556119757191.jpeg
  4. Congratulations on your small Book Tote! And thank you for posting all of these pictures. I will copy them to the Dudes and their Diors thread to show the guys all the new goodies!
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  5. Lucky you! Love this in the burgundy. Congrats and enjoy!!
  6. Congrats! Love the colour!
  7. Congrats! Love the small book tote and thanks for posting pics. I just came back from my holiday in HK two days ago and your pics have brought back some memories for me. :smile:
  8. Love it! I just went to Tokyo for spring break and went to Dior, too!
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  9. Are the small booktote still available ?
  10. I’m sorry I didn’t see it. I went in to look at the Diorama clutches and didn’t stay long
  11. Wow so gorgeous! This size seems perfect
  12. If you get a small book tote in Japan, can they personalize it like they do with the big book totes?
  13. Yes, you can personalize the small book tote too.
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