Reveal ! + should I keep this Vanity Case handbag??

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  1. Hi all,
    after help from some of our fellow Chanel lovers I tracked down the spring 2016 Vanity Case bag from a Chanel in Neimans. I've been lusting over this bag ever since I saw it on instagram. It was completely not available in all independent chanel boutiques and I was thrilled to get my hand on this bag.

    So I finally received it in the mail. I love it, but the strap is short than I thought. It's fine on the shoulder, but can't really be worn cross body style, looks a little silly cross body on me (i am 5'8"). I attached pics of it both ways. It's a bit of a dilemma for me now whether to keep it or not. Sometimes I find these bags if I just wear on one shoulder it tends to slip down quite a bit.

    I absolutely adore the style. But not sure if it justifies the price ($3700 + tax) if I can't use it cross body?

    help! I need your opinions!

    thank you!

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  2. I love it on you when worn as a shoulder bag, but see your point that it does seem a little short as a cross body (looks amazing on you, just wonder if you'll be comfortable?!).
  3. ^second the shoulder looking great but a bit short for crossbody. Is this the small or medium? Is the medium longer?
  4. #4 Apr 21, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2016
    this is the SMALL size. but i think the beige color only has this size, the medium size comes in Silver color which i do not like.

    ugh sorry not sure why the pictures attached sideways

    it is not uncomfortable per se on the one shoulder, but it's like one almost EXPECTS this type of bag to have the option of going crossbody as well. Sometimes when this style of bag is just on one shoulder it tends to slip a little after time ?

    but I adore the style. argh so torn!
  5. What a gorgeous bag!! It looks great on you while wearing it on your shoulder. It does look short as a crossbody. It can work but will you be okay with it? If you think you will not use as a shoulder then I would return it.
  6. this bag looks amazing! i guess because you are on the tall side, it doesnt work for you as a crossbody. if you bought this bag wanting to wear it crossbody then i think you shd return it. but otherwise it looks great on the shoulders too :smile:
  7. I think it looks great on you on the shoulder and crossbody, I personally don't mind crossbody bags being a little higher, it just doesn't swing around as much :biggrin: it's a gorgeous colour for the style! So feminine so pretty

  8. I think there are three sizes if I'm not mistaken, a mini (6"), medium (8") and large (don't recall). Large only came in silver I believe. Could you possibly have the mini?
  9. My Neimans SA was telling me today this flew out the door this morning :smile: I think this bag is really cute and I like the tone on tone but it's not super practical. I think after a while the cuteness of the style will give way to the impracticality of the design, It seems it would be a pain to get in and out of it...there will be others that might work better.
  10. this is true, it is kinda a pain to open and the zipper ...
  11. I think it looks really nice on you, it's a beautiful bag. If you don't like it cross body on you and you are going to find getting in and out of the bag annoying then maybe send it back.
  12. I think its lovely:smile: i cannot get over the unique design...still waiting for my large one to arrive!
  13. +1

    I was WAY tempted and I still think about it, but always arrive back at the same conclusion as gail13. Had the chance to buy it in the store, LOVE the way it looked but realized that at least for me, due to the various reason that OP and gail13 noted, I would likely not wear it often after the initial hype and would end up admiring it in my closet. I cannot tolerate not using bags I love and bought regardless of affordability, it would just irk me.

    It makes me wonder if the designers were trying to test what they can get away with it (live marketing study?) by rolling out things like this that are absolutely stunning but incomprehensibly impractical in certain simple areas like the length of the chain. it's OBVIOUS that the chain is not long enough, it's not a "classic" so that excuse doesn't work, what reason can it be except to test "what can we get away with?" as in "how much do they REALLY like the design" and still sell out"?

    Looking at the past few seasons of how the chevron patterns and "all black" reissues were rolled out, with the subsequent season's improvements, etc., it really feels like for certain style elements, they're doing it to test market reaction and slowly throw in varieties to refine more popular features for future design directions.

    Must admit, this one took some serious self restraint and hard cold logic - it's a beautiful case, and my pokemon "gotta catch them all" mentality was on high gear!!! :lol:
  14. IG is an evil place. I saw these vanity case bags cute! I almost gave into the hype but realized "wait, I don't want cute...I want classics in my wardrobe, something I never get fed up" I know ..I am boring. I never pulled the trigger but it looks extremely good on you. If you ever wanted a statement piece in your wardrobe..this would make a nice addition. Good luck.

    PS. seems like no crossbody is an absolute deal breaker for you. Never settle :P
  15. I like the bag worn both shoulder and crossbody. I always wear my crossbody bags higher up because I like the funkier and different look. ((I'm the same height as you!) I always find the higher up crossbody comfy too. But if you aren't 100% IN LOVE with it then return the bag. I think it is really cute!
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