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  1. What do you when it's your day off because you're so sick but your LV SA calls and says your bag has arrived???

    Of course you jump right out of bed and rush down to the store!

    The very very sweet DBF went to LV a day before vday wanting to buy a gift for me. He found something but little did he know he wasn't the only one. So he left the store empty handed and on vday morning, he left the 'reservation/order receipt' on my bedside table and told me that was my gift. At first glance I had no idea what the piece of paper was until I read closely. I was a happy girl!

    I present to you, my capucine in galet! I'm so in love I'm already having thoughts about another one in black. But I will hold off...for now.

    All of a sudden I don't feel as sick anymore. Ha!

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  2. And while I was there, I picked up these cute little booties. They are so comfortable.

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  3. Wow the bag is gorgeous! Cute boots too.
  4. beautiful! congrats
  5. Lovely Capucines! Love the bag!
  6. Bag is classic, but the booties are killer amazing…I think I like them better!
  7. Stunning purchases … love the colour of both:smile:
  8. Amazing! :biggrin:

  9. Ha! The booties love my feet too.
  10. Thank you all!
  11. beautiful LV's - congrats on both!!
  12. Both are beautiful, Congrats!!
  13. Congrats! This bag is absolutely stunning. The booties are cute too! ;)
  14. Love them both!
  15. Gorgeous, and happy belated v'day… what a swee DBF. I love this bag… boots are beauties too. Congrats.