Reveal... Semi-impulse buy . Help

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  1. FIRST of all Happy Mother's Day. For my LV collection I only have the Speedy 30 in mono and the zippy compact wallet mono (older design). Both items purchased late 2012/early 2013. I've been wanting to add to my collection desperately. I bought the Eva and the Sarah multicartes in fuchsia in store yesterday for my Mother's Day and birthday gift this month. Both items are made in France. I honestly love them both but why do I always feel guilty after spending that much money? I felt the same way after my last LV purchase but got over it but here I am again feeling guilty... :sad:

    I figured I should treat myself once in a while, correct? I am a single divorced mom but I can afford it. Not all the time but occasionally yes. I started my own business a year ago and it's doing very well so I figured why not? I can honestly say I want these items and if I don't purchase them for myself then I won't get them. My family doesn't spend money like this at all and never will and that's okay.

    Another item on my wish list is the Alma PM.

    Does anyone else go through these same feelings? Also your thoughts on my purchase?

    Your response is appreciated. Thanks so much.

  2. It sounds like you really want these items, so keep them! If you can afford them, and it doesn't take away from more important things like kids' college funds, paying bills, or retirement savings, there is no reason to feel guilty.
  3. Love your choices. Enjoy them!!
  4. The Eva is a great choice! I just got one and I used it everyday last week. I wasn't sure it could be an everyday bag for me, but it works. Plus you can use it for dressier occasions with the gold chain. I think this bag is a great buy for the money. Keep it and enjoy it!
  5. Happy Mother's Day !!!! Love your purchase :biggrin:
  6. I think it's natural to feel somewhat guilty because these are luxury items...but if you can afford it, and you love it, and it isn't putting a strain on your finances or savings, then enjoy it! It sounds like you are in a stable situation. You picked lovely items which you will use and enjoy for many years. DH surprised me with an Eva when they were first released almost 9 years ago and I still love it and use it all the time!

    Happy Mother's Day!
  7. Yes! I feel guilty too (also a mom). I bought and returned a Speedy B 35 2x and bought it a third time and refuse to return or sell this one! :yes: I don't spend money on expensive shoes or clothes or fancy dinners or lunch out or even Starbucks. It sounds selfish when we say "we deserve it" but we really do! We deserve things to make us happy when as moms, our lives are pretty much focused on making sure our kids are happy. I love your purchases - congrats! :heart:
    And if you feel guilty enough to return, PM me first and I'll try to talk you out of it! :heart:
  8. Your new items are absolutely beautiful! Definitely keep them! It's perfectly fine to spend money on yourself for items you love, use and will enjoy for a long time. LV bags and accessories are timeless, classic and functional. The items in your collection all serve a purpose, and it certainly sounds as if you purchase carefully and not without a great deal of thought/ planning. Happy Mother's Day and enjoy your beautiful new LV!
  9. I think women are made to feel guilty in general when they're mothers due to the fact that motherhood is *seen by many* as a duty and you cannot treat yourself, only the child. You can't treat yourself or else you're 'selfish.' I say if you're financially afloat then go for it! Wear your beautiful bags in pride!

    Somehow wearing gorgeous bags = neglecting your finances and that is a myth we aim to bust.
  10. Do not feel guilty, OP. You work hard as a mother and as a business owner. You certainly earn a reward (at least once in a while if not more).
  11. Ok how do I quote someone's response on my reply?? On the mobile app. Is it possible?

    Thanks everyone for your responses. yes I understand the myth about gorgeous bag = neglecting your finances. You nailed it! So I'll just wear it knowing that's not true.

    I'm in my mid-forties and at this point in my life I rather have fewer bags but luxury brands. I've done the contemporary designers in the past and my tastes have changed.

    All of you are so wonderful for your responses.
  12. If not now, When? :okay:
  13. I know you'll use these items a lot because I have them well as the alma pm. I use them a lot because they are practical n sooo easy to use. I think you made the right decision. No one else will love you like you can. :smile:
  14. Maybe I am old fashion and boring, but I would only spend money on luxury goods once my other financial responsibilities have been met. Not everything is about instant gratification.

    And those standards are for OP to do define, not for us.
  15. enjoy your purchase; you chose well!