Reveal! Secret Compact Wallet in Orage Empriente

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  1. #1 May 10, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: May 10, 2016
    I was looking for a smaller wallet or cles in Empriente and in a blue or purple as I felt my ZCW was maybe not small enough, and since I've been using a wallet style case lately and paying more with my phone, I decided I probably don't need a "real" wallet like I previously did. I don't know that a Cles maybe is enough yet but maybe I'll find my dream color or they'll release it and I will get the perfect wallet case. Anyway...

    I came across a listing for a preowned Secret Compact Wallet in Orage Empriente and the color is right in my wheelhouse. Once I verified it was authentic, I snatched it up for what I feel was a song. It had a small amount of scuffing at the fold but nothing I don't think is fixable based on the kind folks on here. And since its been preloved, maybe I'll be less insane about carrying it in my purse in a dustbag! ��

    So here are the pics. Some of these are the sellers photos. Mine have my name on them. For reference the size of the wallet closed is 5.1" by 3.9"

    These are hers, shown with some of her bags for scale:
  2. More of hers


    Next to my ZCW in Epi Fuschia

    And inside my MZwallace Paige
  3. Congrats! It's lovely. 😃🍾❤️☀️
    And it's spelled Empreinte.
  4. Congrats on such a beauty! This is one wallet which I regret having passed up. I love the color as well as the layout. :loveeyes:
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462887618.033821.jpg


    I was able to condense my ZCW and coin purse that held coins and reward cards into this. I have two credit cards and my ID in my wallet case.



  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462887753.422636.jpg


    And the last one. Next to my wallet case (from Etsy til I can find a really nice one. So far Henri Bendel and Vaja are the best I can find but they're really long!)
  7. woops! I am such a newb.

    Thank you!

    Thank you! I am very pleased with the color especially. I wish they would have more blues and purples, esp in Empreinte
  8. I like how you mentioned paying with phone more often and hence not requiring a full sized wallet... Technology is evolving fast and even affecting our luxury handbag choices lol! :lol:

    Congrats on scoring a good deal and this beauty! She looks in great shape and that color.... :love:
  9. Nice! Congrats!!
  10. Lovely wallet! :biggrin:
  11. Oh that's lovely, I'm quite new to LV, I've never seen either the wallet or colour before, congratulations :balloon:
  12. That color is beautiful! Congrats!
  13. really nice. congrats.
  14. Lovely wallet congrats!!
  15. Lovely color and wallet too ! :smile: