Reveal Rose thulian - strap too long

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  1. #1 Oct 16, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2012
    Hi everyone!

    Here's my first Balenciaga bag. The Town in Rose Thulian with Giant Rose Gold Hardware. The color photographs very hot pink. Through the naked eye... in bright light and sunlight... it's a magenta color and in dark lighting it's almost raspberry red. The color is very beautiful!

    Question: I'm thinking about getting more holes punched on my strap because I'm 4'11" and the strap is kind of long. Is this a smart alteration, or is there another way?

    image-2548057900.jpg image-3457586560.jpg
  2. Nooo don't punch holes in it...the length of it is PERFECT on you in your first pic...btw that color and bag is GORGEOUS!!! =D
  3. :nono:
  4. hehehe. the length is okay when i wear it crossbody, but its too long when i wear it on one side....
  5. Stunning colour
  6. If it would make the bag more user friendly for you, I'd say go for it!
  7. looks great on u! gorgeous color! congrats! :smile:
  8. I think the length looks fine. Love the bag, congrats!
  9. Looks great!! Congrats!! Love the color!! The strap does look too long. I would have it shorten.
  10. Such a gorgeous pop of colour! I fall in love each time I see rose thulian....too bad I already have cyclamen!
  11. Very beautiful and vibrant color! This color match well with Giant Rose Gold hardware. The length of the strap looks fine on you.
  12. I love the colour!
  13. I think the Town is the perfect bbag - except for the too-long strap! If it would suit you better than I would suggest you do get it altered, I think it would look better on you a little shorter TBH.
  14. I have no advice on what to do with the strap but I had to say I love your bag!! Isn't this a great color?! I love how much it pops in photographs.
  15. Hahha yea I LOVE the color!! I originally didn't love it in but when I saw it IRL, the website photo doesn't do the bag justice!!

    I think I will go to a professional shoe cobbler and have them punch a few holes in the strap..ill let you know how it turns out =)