Reveal - Rogue 25

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  1. Hi there -

    I know a few of us have ordered the smaller Rogue 25. Here is saddle, received today!
    LOVE her...great size. Hardware is like a matte gunmetal, very cool. Shoulder straps, small handles still fold in. Instead of a kiss lock inside center like original Rogue, this one has a zipper compartment.

    I'll post more pics later in comparison to my regular size chalk Rogue but wanted to get these up. Any questions, just ask!
    Coach Rogue 25-1.jpg Coach Rogue 25-2.jpg
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  2. Pretty, measurements of this beauty..
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    Love it! I can't believe how much lighter it is in weight, not color. I would love for it to come out in oxblood.
  4. I love it!!!! Yes please I'd love comparison shots and a mod shot too if you wouldn't mind. ��

    And like Anne I assume you find it nice and light weight?
  5. Here is a pic next to my chalk regular Rogue. Definitely a big size and weight difference. I knew it was soooo much lighter just from picking up the box from my doorstep.

    Measurements are:

    10" long x 8" high (measuring bottom to top of front) and 5" deep (measuring bottom, which has feet).
    Coach Rogue 25-3.jpg
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  6. Pretty!! Love anything saddle! Wonder how much it will hold.
  7. Perfect comparison shot!
  8. Anne -

    I saw your reveal in the other thread. She's a beauty! I'd snatch her up real quick except for the gold hardware...drat! You know what would have been very cool on this bag of yours...rose gold hardware! Just sayin Coach... ;)
  9. I'm with you, I'm not the biggest fan of gold hardware, but I love chalk purses so it doesn't bother me on this one, but I know for some that will be an automatic no.
  10. Do you miss the lock as much as I do?
  11. I notice that the handles and trim are smooth leather instead of pebbled. And does it still have the lock? Lovely bag.
  12. Could you do a review of the bag? I love reading reviews, even on purses I already have :smile:
  13. No, don't miss the lock. Actually took that off my chalk one. I'm really easily irritated by things that "clink" on bags as I drive, etc. (weird, I know, but me!) so that lack of one doesn't bother me at all.

    Yes, the handles on my saddle are smooth in comparison to the rest of the bag.

    I don't carry much normally (full size wallet, cosmetic case, keys, work badge, tissues) so this will hold it perfectly.
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  14. Would you be able to take a pic of it with a full size wallet in front? That would be really helpful. 😀
  15. You don't miss the lock? This bag was made for you! It's a really nice bag. I'm sure I'll get over the lock. I never noticed it clinging on my suede, I just really like the look of it, but what I love about the 25 is the weight...can't say that enough because I love to be carefree, and I'll absolutely carry it by the handles as well.

    Do you think it's worth the price?