Reveal-Rogue 25 in Saddle

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  1. Hi ladies. UPS just dropped off my newest baby. Thought I'd share my happy unboxing. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460743966.991480.jpg

    I moved all of my items from my Chalk medium sized rogue and it all fit. On my regular rogue I was not using the outside pockets, on the 25 I moved my LV key holder, Coach card wallet, and my sunglasses to the outside pocket.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460743936.238630.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460743946.606389.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460743957.130157.jpg
  2. Bag AND countertop twins! :smile:

    Don't you just love it! CONGRATS!

  3. Lol!! Yes I do love it. It's the perfect size. I hope they make a blue one for fall. That's the only color bag I do not own.
  4. Beautiful color. :tup:

    Can you tell us what the strop drop length is?
  5. Lovely bag, congrats!
  6. Beautiful, seems like a great size.
  7. It's beautiful and such a great bag. I'm so glad you like it. I want another one as well.
  8. Congrats!

    Rogue is a great bag!

  9. Great to see it with your wallets etc inside - thanks for the pictures, and congratulations! Have you been carrying it this weekend?
  10. I keep meaning to say thanks for your pictures also (in the other thread), and congratulations! I guess if you want another Rogue 25, then your Chalk one is working out well?

  11. Actually I haven't carried the 25 yet. I just came back from lunch with my girlfriends and I called the Rogue in chalk. I absolutely love it. It is large enough to fit a sweater (it's warm but with cool breezes) and I love the way the leather feels. I can tell this bag will be awesome over time. The leather will wear wonderfully.
  12. I haven't carried it, but I know it will work out as I love everything about my suede one except for the weight, which isn't an issue with the 25. I'd like to have a darker one now, perhaps black. I'm waiting on your reveal and Teagaggle's. If not black, oxblood or in that family, since I don't have a purse in that color. I can't wait to see your reveal!

  13. Beautiful! Is the suede on the inside a bright yellow or is it a more muted yellow? Thanks.
  14. Beautiful!! I love the details of it. Enjoy!!
  15. Is the interior a true bright yellow? Or more of a mustard color? Your bag is gorgeous!