Reveal & Review (Part Deux)

  1. Jenni, I LOVE THE SAFFRON! It is such a great bag! :smile: You can fit all kinds of goodies in that! :smile:
  2. Jen..I have a really battered Saffron Pallenburgh which I purchased knowing it was totally distressed that I swear is indestructible. IDK if you remember but I remarked that under the flap is still saffron colored but the rest mellowed to a rich pumpkin/yam color. I used Lovinmybags silk serum on it and then the Pro-Care. My younger DD keeps absconding with it so I think I will gift it to her and borrow it if I need it. She adores it and uses it for school, overnights and mall hopping. It has survived as much as my KP Corcovado, if not more. Another bag I will never rehome.

    Use it in good health..and I looooove the photos of you and Lu. Goodnight HHHotties.
  3. Fabulous bags, fabulous hotties, fabulous pictures.
  4. Jenni -- wet hair and all, you're adorable! That saffron is way gorgeous. And the leather is so perfectly slouchy.

    I love that pic of you and Lu. The smiles!
  5. Beautiful Pal, Jenn!!!

    And I LOVE the pic of you and Lu!!!! "Mem'ries..."
  6. a super special package arrived yesterday from a hottie. YAY! The contents of the package consisted of a Black Onyx Clutch Wallet for my MIL for x-mass & I'm excited to announce that I've now the proud owner of a

    Black Bronze Wizard Snake Carryall!!!


    It really is so hard to capture how beautiful this is. It's hard to explain the texture as well. OMG I love it!
  7. Lu - luv your new BBWS carryall!! So gorgeous!!
  8. That is a beauty Lu! :woohoo:
  9. Beautiful Lulu!!! I love the BBWS leather!!
  10. Woot Lu! Woot Woot! Purdy Carryall!
  11. OMG - i love it !! they really need to bring that BBWS back...
  12. Yay Lulu!!!
  13. It's so beautiful I can't get over it! I've been looking for it for along time. I'm so happy to have it. I keep looking at it with googly eyes!
  14. The new thread has been kicked off with some awesome pics!! Luciana, your cuffs are heavenly! I have a major case of the :greengrin: over that bbws ramone!

    RMC, congrats on scoring one of your HGs! It looks like you might have a OOAK sample on your hands?! My chalk bea is the smaller size and looks like a different leather. Yours is an absolute beauty.

    Jenni, congrats on that fabulous score! The saffron cannes looks amazing on you! I think I actually like the style better than the pallenberg now that I'm seeing IRL pics for the first time!

    And lu...the BBWS carryall is amazing! I freaking luuurve that leather.
  15. Hey, not so bad! I got my Cromwell jacket in about a week! I am very pleased with the fit and quality of workmanship and material. For reference I'm a size 2/4 and I got the XS. The elastic waist band is quite snug but not uncomfortable. I would not consider sizing up because I think the shoulders would be too big and boxy. I love the color; it's a nice neutral fall/winter hue. The material is light enough to wear from early fall to late spring and can be worn under a winter coat. Without much ado, here are some pics. Excuse my shirt underneath. Probably not the best match but I was too lazy to change.


    Detailed seams on the back.

    Closeup of the fabric.