Reveal & Review (Part Deux)

  1. Thanks for trying to help....been there too. I checked TPF for assistance in threads, but there is really nothing there for those actually needing help. Maybe a nap will help. lol
  2. Finally posted picture for everyone of the last orders from HH sale. This may be the last time with Hayden Harnett, so I am treating everything with protectant so they will last long enough to put in my will.....
    HH PilotsPomps&Fobs.JPG
  3. Oh my, indeed!
    What a gorgeous haul.
  4. Thank you...a few will be gifts, but it's going to be hard which ones to give
  5. Both limes are beautiful....are they slightly different shades?
  6. Yes, both pilot and pomp are Lime Vintage Patent. The shades are very different. I guess this is because the pilot is very crackly patent finish and the pomp is much smoother. Maybe different due to dye lots and the finish of the leather?
  7. I'd rather have the two different shades...the new pomp and pilot collections were all about color, so to me getting different tones/shades is an added bonus.

    When I was younger, I was much more bags were beautiful, but brown, black, navy, and bone or beige.
    Now I swoon for the rainbow.
  8. Those are gorgeous Brenalsea! I kinda wish I had gotten a pomp but then it would probably have been some huge hassle and would have made me angry.

    Just don't spray the patents with Rain & Stain! It'll dull the shiny layer!
  9. Wow - love the colours!!!
  10. Thanks for all the compliments. Would love to keep them all, but gifts for a few of my husbands office assistants.
    I have been using a product recommended from a tack shop for years for pebbled, vintage, and patent finish leathers. Bickmore -- Bick #4 Leather conditioner. Conditions, cleans, polishes, and protects (from the For a new bag, wallet, or shoes, I apply 1 thin coat, then go back after drying and apply a saturating coat, making sure to apply the same amount all over. No discoloration, a slight scent for about 2-3 days, but after I buff out really well, there is absolutely no residue or sign that anything has been done to the leather. Its relatively cheap too !
  11. My first ever Havana! :tender: Yes, I am a baaad girl, but the Eggplant is TDF, especially with Fall around the corner. Excuse the crizzap mod shot (and the mess) My DD(see her in the corner?)refused to take the picture. She did agree not to tell daddy aboout the new bag though, at least until I start re-homing some others ;) Does anyone know if they made the ("Clyde?") tassel in Eggplant? I love those too...
    IMG_1321.jpg IMG_1319.jpg
  12. Jewelz...Beautiful Bag !!! You're definately "in" for the season and many to come with that color. I bet that color goes with EVERYTHING !! :greengrin:
  13. Gorgeous. I think the Havana is my favorite bag ever.
  14. OMG Eggplant Havana! Congrats!
  15. mm. That eggplant looks awesome.