Reveal & Review (Part Deux)

  1. Me too Sals, me too!!:sad:
  2. Ditto that too. Lovely!
  3. Same here. So gorgeous and classy. Enjoy it, Bri!
  4. Received my black onyx Sonia. She's beautifully broken in but has no real blemishes, save some cracks in the sealant on the luggage tag. Was able to clean off some white crusty stuff, gave her a once over with Apple cleaner, and sponge-wiped the nylon lining to remove the gritty bits that get suck in the lining seams. So now i feel as though she's mine.

    Black onyx doesn't have the rose-petal softness of the Biblio black or even the regular Havana black, but this bag is more textured and quite evenly. I expect it will last a long time and not show its age.


  5. That's very pretty Namkha! I love black onyx bags.
  6. Gorgeous, ND!!
  7. This!!!! BO is the best! ;)
  8. :roflmfao: BO ;)

    That was my inner 5th grade moment of the day.
  9. Tee hee re BO :giggles:

    Thanks, everyone!
  10. ooh - looks so nice!!! Love the pebbliness
  11. that's such an awesome work bag. plus, it's wearing cuffs! hh did details right! enjoy your new bag, namkha!
  12. You were totally right about the texture, Sally!

    LOL @ wearing cuffs! Yes, she is! And def a work workhorse. This one will be tougher than my Eucalyptus Sonia, both because of the colour and because it has the nylon hh logo lining. Euc has the boudoir lining, which is cute, but more delicate.
  13. My new-2-me Circe Clutch from 1 of the coolest HHhotties around/u kno who U R! ;) 1word: Moonbeam. Omg. It is SO gorgeous & then the detail reminds me of a sunrise... Never mind the cute ginkgo leaf print lining. The type of extra-special item that made me fall in love with HH in the first place
    image-1958473281.jpg image-2828468772.jpg
  14. LOVE Moonbeam! Great score, Jewelz!
  15. So pretty, Jewelz! Moonbeam is an amazing leather.
    Congrats on a great addition to your collection!