Reveal.. Reveal..

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  1. Thanks dear...
  2. That is such GORGEOUS TDF leather!!! CONGRATS!!!
  3. Gorgeous...... Love love love GHW
  4. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
    OMG!!!! The leather is TDF!!!!
    I can´t believe how beautiful your vert fonce is! Huge Congrats!!!
  5. Congrats on your new bag! :smile:
  6. I love love her.. Nice leather & butts.

    I wish they bring back the old G21 ghw next season, and hopefully not the LE Muted GHW.

    I never thought I will have oldies like this, but after this.. The hunt is ON..

    Thank you dear..
  7. Wow... :loveeyes:
  8. Wow!! Stunning! Love this color! Congrats!
  9. Thanks everyone.. This really is my first jaw-dropping luscious leather and i got it at incredibly low price, best deal ever..
  10. That is one delicious looking bag, lucky lady :smile:
  11. Beautiful bag!
  12. Congrats! She is gorgeous, love this colour.
  13. That leather is to die for - Amazing!!! Love it.
  14. So smooshy and wrinkly! I love it! :biggrin: congrats
  15. GORGEOUS!!! Congrats!