Reveal! Rebecca Minkoff Glazed Hunter Everyday Satchel...and something extra!

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  1. this bag is lovely. how do you compare it to the dear tote? looks like it has more personality, eh? size -wise how do they compare?

    I love the pics, nice eye candy with my coffee after work! teehee
  2. Gorgeous purchases, TX!!! I love that green color.
  3. The pouch and cuff set are too cute! I like how little the studs are.

    The hunter green is gorgeous and so perfect for a glazed lamskin. Congrats, I'm sure you'll love this one for a long time!
  4. My ipad is in a case but the whole bag would fill up with rain unfortunately. I need major water resistance in this climate. I think the closure on the dear tote goes all the way across. Just saw the new covet bag on LB - looks interesting.
  5. Beautiful leather! Amazing color! Enjoy! :smile:
  6. holy cow that hunter is a-mazing!!
  7. Gah! That color is GORGEOUS! :nuts: What a perfect color for Fall. What other styles come in this color? I think I need a bag in it! Congrats TX!
  8. Gorgeous pictures of your gorgeous Everyday TX!!! The Hunter is so pretty IRL, I love it!
    I think I need some Hunter but not sure what style????
  9. ^^ This one! Or the Dear Tote...
  10. Well I already have the Glazed Black Everyday...not sure I need the Dear tote...
  11. Absolutely beautiful!! The more I see this bag, the more I want it!
  12. i'm the same way. i very much prefer my bag to zip all the way. the everyday satchel is sooo pretty but i know down the road i will not be happy with the zip

    wow i think u may be right. lol i had never think of the "hole" for special use :tup:. i did have a coach gallery so now i know i don't like my stuff to be seen when being put down ... even if it's just a small corner :P. congrats again for such a pretty bag!
  13. omg- i think i need this!
  14. I hope you enjoy your bag. Mine is in the mail Glazed Fine Wine everyday. Can't wait.
  15. Gorgeous color!! BTW, these new glazed leathers are listed on the RM website as "glazed goat leather." I just realized that it wasn't lambskin when I looked at the Admirer on her website and read the description.