Reveal! Rebecca Minkoff Glazed Hunter Everyday Satchel...and something extra!

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  1. I decided to do a late night reveal for all the night owls like myself!
    And that way you morning larks will have some pics to check out with your coffee. ;)

    Here we go! Gorgeous glazed hunter leather! :yahoo:

  2. [​IMG]

    Love the tassel and extra pockets!
  3. I'm up!! And it's GORGEOUS!!!! Is this lambskin? :nuts:
  4. The side pocket is a perfect fit for my samsung vibrant phone!

  5. the color and leather look AMAZING! :drool:
  6. la6- yes it is! Glazed lambskin! I love this leather...I had a couple of bags in it last fall and had to get more when they came out this fall.
  7. A peek at the roomy interior. 3 pockets, a zip pocket, and a card pocket.
    It's about the size of a MAM.

  8. :love: Gorgeous!!! the leather & color look amazing. Im def. gonna dream about this bag tonight lol
  9. Here's a cute set I picked up at Bloomie's. A black croc studded bracelet and pouch set with your initial. (in case you're wondering, the bracelet will fit a wrist size 6 3/4 inches and smaller. Maybe 7 inches, but it seems smaller than the others.)

  10. Thanks! Glad I can provide you both with some sweet dreams! lol
  11. Wow, congrats TXGirlie- love all those extra pockets too:tup: And the pouch and bracelet set is adorable.
  12. Congrats! I just love the color!!!!!!
  13. Love the satchel TX! :ghi5:
  14. The more I see the everyday satchel reveals the more I really like them. It looks like a great bag when you need a lot of room and more of a shoulder drop especially for winter coats. The tassel looks perfect on this bag!!

    Congrats!! Love the color too!
  15. OMG, that bag is GORGEOUS!!! :drool: The leather is amazing, Congrats! I have to ask a question, are the pics true to life when it comes to the color of the leather? The olive was so dark that now i'm scared to buy dark green bags, ha!

    That bracelet is fantastic! Did they have other letters, or just "R" for Rebecca?