:REVEAL: ready for..the Nightclub

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  1. just arrived home with me
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  2. dustbag and..
  3. OMG can't believe this ISN'T BLACK (pretty much my standardchoice for bags) but a beautiful, catching..Nightclub (dark blue)...
  4. PS11 Classic in Nightclub
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  5. This is gorgeous! :love: Congrats!
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  6. Amazing, the color is so pretty! Congrats! :loveeyes:
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  7. Thanks a lot Ellie! I'm so proud as I had it with more than half price at the sales/reduction!
    Never thought I would have changed my mind about the black one (in my wishlist since..err.. can't remember), but the more I see her, the more i get convinced this is a super versatile colour that I can also wear with black!
    I was also in struggle between the mini and the classic size, but the classic one is definitely most roomy and practical
  8. Omg Hi 11! :biggrin: lol Congrats, such a classically cute keeper!
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