Reveal: Raleigh Leather "Roxy" Bag in Saddle

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  1. #1 Apr 30, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2016
    She's finally here! This bag is so totally different from ANYTHING I own and it's a beauty. I love the safari-style strap and the casual vibe of the bag. The lining is the most beautiful soft leather; it almost feels like chamois. This is the regular size and IMO it is too big on me to crossbody. With the strap at its shortest the top of the bag hits just about at my waist, and I'm 5'3" on a good day. :biggrin:

    So, here she is.... Roxy!


    Inside... beautiful leather! Also, there is one large slip pocket on each side; no "double pocket" configuration on either side.


    Front zip pocket, also leather lined...


    The leather is soft and sturdy, not stiff. Does not feel like saffiano, but is not quite as soft as pebbled leather. Here is a closeup of the embossed pebbling...


    I don't know if the leather feels like the recent TSV, but it does not have the same embossed finish.
  2. With Small Barlow for size comparison. Note that the Barlow leather strap will work nicely with the Roxy.



    With Coach small Rainbow wallet that I also received today :love: ...

  3. It is beautiful.
  4. Thanks, Suz. When these first came out I didn't care for the strap. Now I really love the look...very casual.
  5. Hey MB, that's a nice bag. You're right, different than what we are used to seeing. Nice change. Are you keeping or still thinking?
  6. I believe it's a keeper. It will be a nice casual wear/vacation bag and the shoulder strap is very comfy. I'm loving the leather lining and I hope Dooney will do that on other new styles.
  7. OK... scratch that. :roflmfao: I have been "purse posing" and the bag is just too big; I should have gone with the smaller size. When I have the strap at the shortest setting, the top of the bag is at my waist but the bottom of the bag is just hanging too low on my short self. :shucks: Dang.

    I don't like it crossbody, either. The strap is wide and just doesn't lay right, plus the purse is just too big to be a crossbody bag IMO. (At least for a shorty.)

    So it appears that this one will be going back. :tdown: I love the bag and I LOVE the interior...but it just doesn't suit me at all.
  8. What a shame she didn't work out for you. But if it's not right, it's not right.
  9. She is really a gorgeous bag. I may buy the smaller one at some point.
  10. I love this! The slim profile really speaks to me. Thanks for the photos as well, as they really help me to decide. I would also have to go with a smaller size, but really love the look. I do think you need to bring a bag home and pose to decide, just too bad that it costs $$$ to do that :sad:
  11. I love seeing "reveals" with real pics and opinions. :biggrin: I am sad about this bag because it is just so unique and I like the strap much more than I expected to. If only it was a few inches shorter that would make all the difference because the bag is actually a good just hangs too low on me because of the N/S design and the limited strap adjustment.

    These are available on Zappos, so they will probably be showing up in department stores soon!
  12. Well, I was going to box her up but made the mistake of trying her on one more time. Now I've decided to keep her! She is just too unique and unlike anything in my collection. Just such a casual upscale vibe that is difficult to describe.

    Yeah, I'm craaaaazy. :cray:
  13. Thank you for sharing, MB and it is a very different bag. I noticed that the older "Juliette" bag had a similar strap attached with leather though. I was thinking about the Roxy until I saw the new DB shopper on QVC which looks very similar except a few details. Is this the large Roxy? I'm 5'10 but not sure if I want the large or just get the medium size.
  14. There is an entire new line of the "Raleigh" collection that I assume has the same details... leather lining, etc. I never cared for this type of strap before so I'm surprised that I like it so much.

    This one is the regular medium size. For your height it would probably be perfect, depending on how much "stuff" you carry. I'm a shorty so I'd like for the strap to be not quite as long... but I think I can live with it.
  15. I'm so late to the reveal party! I'm glad you decided to keep her! Rosy is gorgeous!

    When I saw the presentation of the little sister on the TSV day, I was drooling over it. I need to get this one! Congrats!