Reveal PS1 Medium Chianti

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    First PS1 from HGBags! Such a beautiful, rich red for the fall. :smile:

  2. Congrats!! :biggrin: Yes it looks like a great fall color!
  3. Congrats, this color is beautiful and perfect for fall :smile:
  4. Absolutely beautiful! That shade of red is gorgeous! :biggrin::biggrin:
  5. Gorgeous color!!
  6. Thank you ladies! I was going to save it to use this fall as my transition handbag but it's so beautiful that I couldn't resist any longer. I took her out today. :biggrin:
  7. I love RED bags! This one is a beauty. Congrats!
  8. Absolutely stunning! That is such a gorgeous color and looks so rich and saturated, Congrats:flowers:
  9. would you say this is a maroon shade or is it somewhat brighter than maroon?
  10. Thank you MAGJES! And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your collection!

    "Saturated" is the PERFECT word to describe the color. I can't stop looking at it! Thanks tatertot. :smile:

    I would say the color is closer to dark red than maroon. When I think of maroon I think brownish-red. Defintiely not bright maroon though.
  11. Love the color! Totally agree with the OP that it's perfect for fall/winter.
  12. What a beautiful deep red color! Congrats on your purchase!
  13. Yeay, congrats! Beautiful red color! Is this the Chianti color?
  14. truly gorgeous! love love the colour
  15. Beautiful color! I am not usually a red bag person but this one is incredible!