REVEAL~~~Plum Patent Jumbo


Apr 16, 2008
Well, after a loooooong wait for me (since last Sunday), I am presenting my first patent....Plum Patent Jumbo. I was trying to take some pictures indoor with my canon but the color didn't turn out very good. Instead, I used my iphone and took some pics in the balcony, I think they are better.

I would highly recommend to see the bag in person before purchase. The picture that I got from my SA is actually lighter and brighter than the bag. It really depends on the lighting too. I was hoping the color would be a tad lighter, but I still love it because the color is very subtle yet saturated. I am a purple fanatic. The more I look at it, the more I love it. I just LOVE jumbo.

Well, this was my 2nd birthday present from my hubby and I don't think he really had a choice! :P He got me a 10C red GST last week.

I really feel quite Chanel content at the moment. This might be my last Chanel for the year. For those Hermes lovers here, after I bought this bag, I went to Hermes and my gosh, they had the new fall color Rubi in lindy 30, I LOVE that color. That would be my next bag....not unless Chanel is going to make another 06 purple caviar flap anytime soon!!!!




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