Reveal: Patchwork Borough

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  1. She is finally here! I can't decide if she is too big or not. This is the large patchwork borough. Need opinions! Please ignore my pajamas and the cute photo bomber in the last pic!

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  2. She looks great on you! I'm so glad I ordered mine before they ran out in JAX! Looking forward to receiving it!

  3. I didn't know they ran out!
  4. ^Apparently they did; there were six left as of Monday night, and I placed my order Wednesday morning. Talk about good timing!
  5. I think it looks too big on you. It looks like a portfolio. Now of course if you tell me that you are carrying it to art school than maybe it would work...but as an every day bag...too big. Can I ask how tall you are? You look like my height--of 5' 2" I right?
  6. I think it looks awesome on you!

  7. Very close, 5' 3"! It would be an everyday bag. If it were a medium I wouldn't hesitate. But that's a lot of money to spend to not be sure.
  8. Yes, the Large Burough looked just like that on me. Pretty bag, but I think one needs to be 5' 9" to carry off the Large.
  9. I love it and think it looks fabulous on you (then again, I prefer big bags)! Thanks for sharing pictures!
  10. Beautiful bag, and congratulations on being the proud owner of a Borough...... However, your comment of it "being a lot of money to spend to not be sure".....makes me tend to agree with above poster that it's too big (and it sounds like you agree too). If you worked in an office - and needed to carry lots with you to work everyday, it would be a great business bag. But for an everyday bag? I think you'd get tired of lugging it around. I went with medium Boroughs, and they're somewhat big for an everyday casual bag for me - I just don't need to carry that much stuff shopping or running errands. However, seeing Sarah Jessica Parker running around with the medium Alpine Moss (even though I'll never look like SJP!), made me realize I could never return it.
    I'm not sure if they make the patchwork in the medium - if so, that might be a better choice - But if YOU love the look, and think you'd regret returning, then keep it. Or at least sleep on it a few days since they're apparently sold out.
  11. I love the design and will be getting the Large Clutchable when it comes out. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391738041.969442.jpg Maybe this is an option you want to consider.
  12. Love it! Crazy that they sold out already. I really like the large size, but if you're unsure that's usually a sign that it's not the right bag.
  13. It's really unique and lovely but it is pretty big, if you love it rock it sister :smile:
  14. In my opinion I do feel the bag looks big for your frame. But if you feel like you will regret returning it ( like I do with some of my bags) then keep it. This is just my opinion. Its a artistically beautiful show stopper of a bag....
  15. The large size is perfect for my needs; I have a lot of papers to carry, which is why I purchased it to begin with; but now I think I may get the clutch as well! Coach really got me this time with their patchwork-if they release the pebbled large Borough in Chambray, I'll totally take that too :P. I've not even bought anything much from them until recently!

    To the OP, I'm 5'3" as well, and petite, but I like large bags, and for some reason think they work on me rather nicely. It's all about what you're comfortable with, and how much you have to carry. Good luck deciding!