Reveal Part two

  1. I love the Evelyne!! Def my fave bag to carry. You have Moutarde as well? yay!
  2. Thank you so much for your compliments especially on the necklace! Usually I am 100% confident about my pieces, for some reason, this one has me a bit nervous. lol!!!
  3. Ugh...I know..I am on the fence too.
  4. Your pieces are wonderful bluebichonfrise, congratulations on all for the equestrian necklace I would probably like it too as it reminds me of the horse brasses or phalerae. I know I wear rings, earrings and bracelets more than necklaces and pendants, if you wear necklaces a lot than maybe it will be worth the money but think you have quite a few horsey themed/associated pieces, certainly, if you kept it you would probably need wear it alone before the look got a bit 'Katie Price' :rolleyes:
  5. I would keep the necklace, but I think it looks better when worn longer instead of double wrap. My local store mannequin wore it with a sweater,skirt and a chic hat and I thought the whole look was fabulous.
  6. Great purchases, I especially love your GP and the Geranium CDC :love:!
    As for the necklace, what about posting some more modeling pics with the outfits you would wear it with? Right now, I am not a big fan of it (because of all the big charms. It might looks better when worn longer and not doubled.) but maybe I will change my mind if you post other pictures with it ;). Most important off course is if you love it. If you love it, you should keep it and enjoy it :smile:.
  7. Where do I start?? I love your Evelyne with the contrast strap. The GP is soooo pretty, the silver bangle TDF. Gorgeous all of it. The necklace honestly doesn't float my boat (but your anchor top is right up my street due to DH's love of sailing). However if you love the necklace then keep it, it looks fine on you. xx
  8. Congrats!!!! Like the silver cuff!
  9. Congratulation!!! Love your Tosca GP, got one myself. Enjoy!!!
  10. Oh my goodness, you have beautiful purchases!! I adore your GP and it is one on my "to get" list. I too need a "functional tote" and I think this is a great piece. I also LOVE your necklace and the Geranium CDC is stunning!
  11. Oh honey, I love your purchases and am absolutely in love with the Evelyne as we are twins!!! I love that you love your horse pieces (and everything you have revealed in fab) but the necklace isn't working for me. But it's all about if you LOVE it. I don't think you do. To me, it is WAY too much money and looks like chunks of silver in circles so nothing really jumps out. If I compare it to your other purchases, it does not look rich or even casual chic. I say take it back. Someone revealed a horse charm on a chain the other day---now that is for you. It makes a statement, is clear and is horse love. Okay, I am just trying to help and if I have upset you, forgive me. Impulse buy goes back. :hugs:
  12. Hahaha!!!! Thank you for your opinion and of course you have not offended me--I am tending to agree! I actually revealed the horse charm on the chain--that was me unless someone else did too!!! Too funny!!!!!
  13. Congratulations, I really love the cdc!
  14. Love the tosca GP. So pretty!
  15. Love them all..congrats.