REVEAL: Palm Springs PM Backpack (Reverse Monogram)

  1. I haven't seen many posts about this backpack so thought I'd do a little reveal on a bag I picked up from the New Bond Street LV store in London today! I was obsessed as soon as I saw the reverse monogram and was told there weren't many available, which made me want it even more. :biggrin: Originally wanted the mini but I already have an Alma BB, and felt like I needed a medium sized bag; I'm so glad I went with the PM. :smile:

    My only concern is that the zip seems quite touch, I can't remember having this problem on my Alma or the pouch that came with my Neverfull MM, could it just be the shape of the bag making it difficult to zip?

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  2. Congrats! The PM is my favorite bag of all time!
  3. Thank you! The PM in the backpack just seemed so right when I tried it on, perfect for everyday. :smile:
  4. Wow! It's so beautifull!!! I'll be getting the mini one
  5. It looks great! Congratulations! :yahoo:
  6. Congrats on the backpack, LVOE it! Not sure what you meant about the zipper though?
  7. I've heard several people say the zippers on the backpacks are tough at first. The videos and post I have seen say they ease up after use. You could also rub the zipper with wax paper to help.
  8. Love the reverse monogram. Congrats and enjoy.
  9. I was originally going to go for the mini! It was the first one that caught my eye! I hope you enjoy it! Such a gorgeous bag :smile:
  10. So do I! Thank you!
  11. Yeah I have too! It's nothing too bad but it just slows down the process of me getting into my bag - thank you for the tip! x
  12. Thank you so much! And it's not too bad, but the zipper is quite tough, which makes getting into the bag quite slow, but I'm sure it'll loosen up!
  13. Thank you! So happy with it :smile: :smile:
  14. Love this! Congrats!!

  15. Congrats!
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