Reveal: Packaging fail, not luckily not damaged!

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  1. Great find. Such a cute little bag!!
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  2. So glad the bag is with a new owner that will take good care of it! I always package my Ebay sales REALLY well because I am terrified something will happen to it and I will need to issue a refund! I’m surprised the seller didn’t think that way!!
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  3. I do too! At the very least the bag needs a box. You just never know! I don’t know what this seller was thinking, to be honest. She kind of dragged her feet shipping it out to the Global Shipping Program Center so I wonder if she was just in a rush and threw everything together. I left her positive feedback already (because in the end nothing was wrong) but currently evaluating whether it’s worth pointing out to her the poor packaging... probably not...
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  4. It looks great! I never would've noticed the wrinkles now that you've fixed them!
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  5. Gorgeous bag and it’s definitely very limited and unique. And no, no Pom Pom please! He bag is pretty already and with that black trim it can stand out on its own. No need for anymore accessories. It doesn’t need any! Enjoy and love your nano collection.
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  6. Good job on restoring the leather.
    It's a cutie
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  7. Congrats on your Dora! Your bags look so cute together in their picture too. I wonder if it’s the same seller who shipped my pre- loved Deauville—- it was shipped overseas, through customs floating around in a large thin plastic bag. No bubble wrap but thankfully it was inside it’s dustbag for some protection.
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  8. My seller is from the UK. I did message her in the end about the poor packaging and her response was that she tried to save shipping costs by not putting it in a box. She only had to ship it to London, the GSP handled the rest! Yet I was charged $55 CAD for shipping (on top of the couple hundred for customs, taxes and shipping & handling by the GSP).
  9. I love that you're not afraid to take a repair into your own hands. I'm the same...I scraped my Mon Monogram speedy and filled the scrape in with nail polish..
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  10. Good for you! With leather, I know that I can likely get leather pieces replaced if it doesn't work out, or if it gets worse. I was prepared for using the bag with the indented/wrinkled even if I couldn't repair. Your Mon Monogram repair sounds much more ambitious!!
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