Reveal: Packaging fail, not luckily not damaged!

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  1. #1 Jun 18, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
    LOL and thread title fail. It shouldn’t have the extra “not”. But I can’t fix it so oh well.

    It was a complete fluke that I found this HTF/discontinued bag on eBay. With it posted on eBay UK I think it missed a lot of people’s searches! When the DHL delivery van arrived and set off our security camera, I was :wtf: at the package in his hand... that does NOT look like a properly packaged BAG!

    I thought maybe the bag could be in a small box and in the plastic shipping bag, but based on how he was holding it and swinging it around, I doubted it.

    The bag was wrapped in bubble wrap, taped, and sitting in the shipping bag with the dust bag folded BESIDE it and all of this was on a flat LV shopping bag.

    I was preparing for the worst when I cut through the bubble wrap but thankfully it was not damaged. Thank goodness it was stuffed well, or it would’ve been squished in transit. Or if it hadn’t been delivered by courier, it probably would’ve gotten really banged up in the post.

    Nano Dora! Brand new, never used. Had a pretty big flaw that I felt the seller wasn’t completely up front in disclosing (it was hidden in one of the photos) but luckily I scrutinize every photo before purchasing. It came with this pretty bad crease on the side which would normally be covered partially by the zipper pull when closed. Photo on the right is the listing and left is the photo the seller sent after I’d asked about it:

    The crease was VERY deep when I first opened the package. Worst than what it looks like in the above photos because I feel the lighting helps it look better. The leather was wrinkle AND indented. Something must have crushed this bag at a strange angle and the seller claimed it was like this when she bought it.

    I was still determined to snag this below retail and work out the wrinkle, so I got out my clothes iron and a thick microfibre cloth and got to work very carefully. A few passes , light massaging and some stuffing later, I’m quite pleased with the results!

    I think I’ll leave it stuffed for a few days since I don’t want to overwork and damage the leather. I’d be happy using this bag as is.

    It’s pretty roomy for a nano considering how slim it is especially compared to the Nano Speedy.

    And here it is with its siblings:
    023F9518-5FAD-4FBC-B14C-4EBA04273A71.jpeg 3092B380-0170-454D-86A6-7CFED0A3C8D3.jpeg

    Overall, extremely pleased with my find!! I’m not a bag charm person and really am not a fan of everyone putting massive pompoms on their bags but for some reason I’m tempted to get a black/grey pompom for this bag....... please, talk me out of it.
  2. Congrats, she is such a cutie :love:
    You did a great job with this find and especially with your repair.

    Sometimes I don’t get people could she pack it so badly? Like out of sight out of mind. The bag has it much better with you :smile: plus it’s in great nano company. Love your collection :love:
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  3. Wow! Glad this ended up working out for you on both the way it was shipped and getting the crease out. It really is a cute bag. Congrats and enjoy!!
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  4. Congrats on your lovely nano Dora! You did a great job with the diy repair. :tup:

    And she's pretty enough without a pompom. Let her shine on her own. ;)
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  5. So cute! I want one!
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  6. I love this little cutie!
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  7. Thank you, everyone!
    I know, right? She seems to have a pretty good history selling designer goods, so I really don't know how it was packaged this way. It may be the worst way I've received a bag. Minus the time my Chanel mini arrived FOLDED in its box. It looks like it was always stored that way though, and at least it came in a box!

    Thank you for talking some sense into me haha! I think I'm getting a bit old to sport pompoms on my bags....
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  8. Con grats on your purchase! I had a similiar packing experience when I ordered directly from the Louis Vuitton website, my package arrived in the usual box but it had been slit open! Luckily, the purse was intact. I was really sweating that! I am glad yours turned out well.
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  9. Congrats, I’m glad it worked out. I have the noir Dora in mm and I lvoe it...I like that it is so structured.
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  10. Wow, great job at getting out those wrinkles! Looks great!
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  11. Really nice bag. Dora was a great design. Should have bought one when they were released. Congrats.
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  12. I would love to get my hands on a BB eventually. The red Malletage is beautiful.
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  13. I've always loved the Dora. Great find, great job making her look perfect. Enjoy!
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  14. Congrats. She is really cute. I believe that some larger versions of the Dora were on the recall list, so be mindful when shopping. Good Luck.
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  15. Thanks for the heads up :smile:
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