Reveal - Orchid (and a bigger Mountain)!!

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  1. So here is Orchid! Hard to get the colour right in the photos - the first two are the closest I could get but still not quite what I see in front of me...

  2. And the new and improved Montaigne Mountain with the Orchid on top!


  3. And here is my Montaigne-filled closet. When I had these organizers made eight years ago I just wanted rows for lots of shoes... little did I know that they were the perfect size for rows of three Montaignes each! Most of my shoes have been banished elsewhere at this point. (Leopard Print is being shy in this photo - it is in the "on deck" area waiting to go out today although that might change given that it is pouring out there.)

  4. omg bookermoose- that orchid montaigne is amazing and the montaigne mountain is tdf. enjoy all your wonderful montaignes. it must be so much fun having a style you love and so many amazing colors to choose from.
  5. Now your mountain is complete and perfect
    BM - do you have any other BV handbags or only mountains ???:lol: (honest mistake) I mean montaignes
  6. Thanks guys! Juda - I also have a Nero Bella (formerly without a name) and an Old Petra flap-top satchel (still without a name). I love both and carry both regularly, but my heart belongs to the Montaigne...
  7. BookerMoose, I'm so happy that you finally have the time to fondle your orchid montaigne! and what a beautiful addition to your mountain!!

    The mountain is gorgeous, but I love this even more, perfect!!

    Now what colour are you missing in your collection...?:graucho:
  8. Congrats, Booker! Orchid is indeed the cherry on the top of the Montaigne mountain. If there is a style that works for you, stick with it. I have 3 large Venetas and that is my favorite style.

    Beautiful picture :smile:
  9. Hi there, thanks for posting your beautiful collection of Montaignes.
    I LOVE this color!!

    And what a collection you have!

    Also, what is the name of that orange color?
  10. Beautiful collection BM!!!:woohoo: congrats on the orchid!!!!
  11. Hi tokku! The orange is called Burnt Orange. Not the most original name ever! I also don't find it very burnt... more like an orange creamsicle.
  12. BookerMoose - Such a pleasure to see your updated mountain...a perfect colorful 10! I remember when I first "met" you, before the Oceano, you swore you were a neutral color bright Montaignes for you. So glad you branched out, all these colors are flattering and happy.
  13. BookerMoose--I never tire of seeing your beautiful mountain!
  14. love that color!! it definitely adds a nice a pop of color.
  15. Jaw = dropped! Gorgeous colours :smile: