Reveal or Return?

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  1. Hoping you ladies with knowledge and expertise would chime in with your thoughts on both the parachute and memory tote.
    I''ve been lusting over the Prusse Memory tote forever and just rec'd on consignment from BV but not sure if I should keep it. The blue is perfect and absolutely stunning. I love the height and depth but the width is wider than I normally like. When walking around I feel the edge sticks out and I could possibly take out someones eye with it. :smile: It is heavier than the parachute. WIll it soften and mold to my body?
    The parachute is a great brown (junior) lighter weight but at 10" deep my stuff floats around inside.
    Is the memory tote around all of the time and would I find it in blue? I am assuming the parachute will always be available in some kind of brown…? Plus the price difference is quite large the memory tote would have to be my two year bag! I normally make decisions pretty quickly but this one needs some opinions and previous experience.

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  2. I personally love the Parachute bag, it would be my choice. You could get a purse organizer (I use them in all my bags) so your things don't float around. Let us know what you choose :yes:
  3. My SA told me that the Memory tote breaks in very nicely. I think the Memory tote is a little more formal because it keeps its shape more than the Parachute, which softens into a real leather puddle. Personally I don't like how the Parachute flops open when you set it down; the Memory stays closed better.

    I was shocked at how expensive the Memory is especially since it's not fully woven. I guess it's the memory leather that is so expensive.

    I hope someone can confirm, but I think Prusse is a seasonal color from this fall. I don't think it will be around indefinitely. I believe Junior has been promoted to a permanent color.
  4. well I don't know but I understand the whole purpose of memory is that it goes back to it's orignal shape
  5. They're very different bags, personality wise. I think the parachute could be dressed up or down but the memory is (atleast for me) decidedly more business/dressy). What else is in yuor bag wardrobe? That might help decide what makes more sense.
  6. The Parachute actually flops into a closed position when you set it down because the base is wider than the top. If all your small items are in cosmetics bag there seems to be less rummaging around. I try to keep my phone and keys in the pocket. I have 2 Parachutes and it's my favorite shape bag.
  7. I do have all of my things in little pouches and they don't line up in row like they do in my bella bag. I think I need to carry more stuff to fill out the parachute.
  8. If I decide to keep it I hope it softens like my others. Yes it was very expensive which is part of my hesitation. I feel as if I should love every little thing about the memory tote and I was hoping other could share with me how their bags are after long time use.
    I agree the parachute seems to flop open at least brand new it seems that way.
  9. Interesting thoughts on the memory tote…You have me thinking now. I didn't see it as dressy. That is not the kind of life I live, my life is very casual. Jeans, sweaters, t-shirts,etc. And winter coats especially this year!
    I have other bags but I tend to never wear them again once I buy a new bag. I should probably sell them to fund this one :smile:

  10. Maybe try the larger organizers, they come in varying rectangle sizes and would hold all your pouches.
  11. There must be some trick I'm missing because my Parachute is always wide open when I put it down. I have to be careful where I put it because of that. It's an open invitation to thieves if I put it on the chair next to me in a restaurant, for example.

    I don't actually have a memory bag myself, so perhaps someone who does can chime in. But when I was considering it, my SA told me that you train it to the shape you want, and then it keeps that shape.

    I absolutely agree that you should love everything about a bag and if you don't, then return it. The little things that aren't right about it will probably keep bothering you.
  12. Personally I.think this BV is.absolutely stunning.
    I.find for's not immediate love it needs to go back or else it
    Ends up 2 months later .
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    I have the memory tote in black. It's a really big bag (to me), as I usually only carry a long wallet, my iPhone and a little toiletry bag for my daily errands. I agree that it's really wide. Even though the top corners have started to fold inwards with use, giving the bag a kind of ingot shape, the bottom corners tend to bang into things. Sometimes, the bag also sets off the more sensitive anti-theft alarms at shop entrances (!) - I am not sure if it's because of the thin layer of metal that gives the leather its "memory". I only use this bag for work as it can fit so much - my MacBook, notes, laptop cables etc and is really comfortable and stylish. I wish I'd seen it in Prusse! It looks like such a unique and gorgeous colour. If you're the kind who carries a lot, I would recommend keeping it. The magnetic closure and zips inside and out also make it a lot more secure than the Parachute, imho.
  14. The Memory Tote appears to be more like a work tote and if that's what you need it for then it's perfect. Of course I do love the Parachute. Some have mentioned that the Parachute flops open when you set it down but perhaps because I don't over-stuff neither of my Parachutes have that problem. They seem to just puddle with the top edges falling inward to the center.
  15. Keep it! It's such a timeless piece! I would love this one