Reveal - or at least i'd like to!!

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  1. I'm desperate to do a "reveal" on an absolute dream of a bag that arrived on Friday but I still can't work out to upload any photos! I'm not a technophobe, just struggling as a "newbie" here! Is Photobucket the best way or what do you recommend?

    She's dying to get out and I'd love to oblige her!!

  2. Have you resized the photos before trying to upload? Looking forward to your reveal :biggrin:
  3. Use photobucket. Then copy the IMG code on the right hand side of the page and paste here.
    Can't wait to see!
  4. Hi Mayfly - I can totally relate to your frustration as same has happened to me! - have you got a friendly family member/friend who can take you through the steps the first time - yes Photobucket is prob best way (and you make an attachment I think in your post and then upload.... may take a couple of tests to get size right (I always go to small!) and then away you of luck and await with baited breath!!!..x:biggrin:;)

    Yes, as CP helpfully points out, what I was trying to say was copy and paste (hehe!!).....
  5. Thank you all for your advice! I'll have a go later (I need to paint a bathroom first and daren't go anywhere near the gorgeous little baby in her dustbag until I'm well and truly finished and cleaned up!) Do I need to download something for Photobucket? Do you know, maybe I AM a technophobe after all!!
  6. No just sign up to use it. :smile:
  7. Would love to see the reveal when you are ready.