Reveal....Only possible because of your advice!!!

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  2. Vlad and I are fortunate to have a large platform with an amazing community of handbag loving people who join us daily from across the globe. We want to be a part of the fix to end systematic racism, both conscious and unconscious. We are taking steps, both personally and professionally, to be better allies for the Black community. You can read more of my thoughts on PurseBlog and discover a great roundup of Black-owned handbag brands as well.

    As our forums are shopping-focused, read about the 15 Percent Pledge and consider signing the petition to call on major retailers to pledge 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses. Please reach out to me directly if there is something you feel I could do differently on our forums to be a better ally and make this forum a welcoming community for all.

    If you want to deepen your anti-racism work, here is a comprehensive document with resources on books for kids, podcasts, articles, videos and more.
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  1. Some of you might have read a few of my posts and given me advice over my dilemma on whether to buy preloved or keep trawling boutiques. I had been advised by many of you (including Bababebi) to stay away from Ebay and wait it out. Carlinha even sent me some H vibes in my quest........and this is what happened on a trip from the UK to Cannes.:biggrin:
  2. Oh, do spill :woot:
  3. :woohoo::woohoo:
  4. I arrived in Cannes and quickly hot footed it from the airport to the Hotel and unpacked so quickly that my husband thought I'd overdosed on caffeine. He suggested a lovely stroll to get our bearings so obviously I agreed and heeding your advice of dress code, changed into a simple grey maxi, Chanel Camelia flats and grabbed my vintage 2.55. I 'innocently' steered him in the direction of the H mothership as I had memorised the route before leaving home. As I neared my destination he clicked my plan and gave me sideways knowing glance. I got to the big heavy door.....and it was closed for lunch.
  5. I am hanging on your every word......The suspense is killing me!
  6. I know this door - closed for lunch...what a hard time waiting...!
  7. After crying a little, hubby said that we could have lunch and come back later. Obviously I was back the second it was due to open. I entered the air conditioned sanctum of the mothership. It is a very small store an took all of 30 seconds to look around. I was approached by an SA who asked if he could assist. I responded by saying that I knew it was probably a very silly question but did they have any of a certain item in stock. The SA advised that they didn't but suggested I try every day. I managed to smile gracefully and not have a hissy fit. I decided to peruse the silks closely followed by the SA. I then asked if he had any Twillys and was led over to a glass case. My husband commented that some of the colours in one would complement my new choos so I said I'd take it. The SA then suddenly 'remembered' that he might have just one of the item that I'd originally enquired about in the back room and he would go and check. A few minutes later he returned....with....the box!!!!! He said that it was the only one and that it was my colour. I held my breath as he opened the box and said item was handed to me. I looked at my husband with pleading eyes and he said that we'd take it.
  8. excited with every word.. :smile:
  9. This just gets better and better.....
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  11. Did that pic work????? Excellent at, not so much!!!
  12. A big bag and an equally big smile to go with it!
    Can't wait to see what's in the bag...:wave:
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  14. Talk about stressful!!!!
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