Reveal - Okay...I went a little crazy

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  1. I admit that I went a little crazy :blush::girlwhack::giggles:

  2. Can't wait to see what you got :smile:
  3. Looking forward to see what's inside those beautiful boxes
  4. Looks very promising!!! Cant wait -- stop the suspense!!
  5. Congratulations, sooooo exciting!!
  6. omg!! let's see!! :biggrin:
  7. I'm here!! Let's seeeee😍
  8. Oooo la la....can't wait!
  9. First box
  10. Pink lamb jumbo
    I shall call her Miss Pinky
  11. Second box
  12. Omg! Such a pretty pink !
  13. Green lamb jumbo
    I shall call her Miss Money Green :greengrin::greengrin::greengrin:
  14. Third box
  15. Beautiful picks!