Reveal of yummy MBMJ Cinnamon Stick Fran :D

  1. No but looking at photos online, it looks like a very dark brown with purple undertones.
  2. The phone app is called one color on the computer is the cinnamon stick ??????
  3. Anyone have any ideas on the color difference from app and web site ???
  4. I've seen the carob brown in real life and it's a dark brown color with a strong purple undertone. Sometimes it looks more purple than brown actually.
  5. I'm thinking the one on the full site is a better choice
  6. Congratulations, it looks great on you! The gold and brown look so classy together. Did you decide to keep the Bramble Green Natasha?
  7. Thank you! I actually did return the Bramble Green Natasha. Something just wasn't right for me, although the color was amazing. Too bad :sad:
  8. Pretty colour! I want a hillier in that :biggrin:
  9. Me too!! Wish it came in the huge size though.
    Congrats OP! Your purse is gorgeous!!
  10. Anyone else gotten a bag in this yummy color. The Nordies in Bethesda did not have the color in any bag
  11. I bought the hillier from that Nordstrom in cinnamon stick. I love it and have gotten so many compliments already!