REVEAL of the motherfreakin' Century (for me, at least...)

  1. ^ OMG, gold HW. Swoon.
  2. Love the gold! :love:
  3. say hello to my new best friend!
  4. Weee! What a fun story!
    Waiting... ...
  5. Black Clemence 35 Birkin in gold hardware :yahoo: :cloud9::cloud9::cloud9::cloud9::cloud9:
  6. Oh gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  7. It's gorgeous! Congratulations!!
  8. She's gorgeous, lilmonkey! We are bag twins (except mine is Togo). You are going to love this bag so much. Enjoy and wear in the best of health! Yay! Congrats!
  9. Wow, she's a beauty! CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy her in good health!
  10. modeling... modeling... it's gorgeous !!!! :party:
  11. I need a cigarette cuz I just made some serious love to a French woman named the Black Birkin. I didn't even bother with an outfit, this is what I wore running to the store and floating back home. *ahh*
  12. OMG am so happy for you!! Your excitement is contagious, congratulations on the perfect bag!!
  13. Wow, I love instant gratification! Big Congrats & what a happy Christmas!
  14. OMG!!! It is soooo gorgeous! Love it!!! Major congrats to you!:woohoo:
  15. thanks, gals, it was crazy. my boyfriend's in shock and is cleaning the house religously to cope but he says he cant wait to see this thread. MAN!!