Reveal of something DIFFERENT (feat. Cats of the House)

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  1. Hey everyone! Just came back from a trip to New Orleans and was lucky enough to hit the Saks on Canal (love that Saks, for anyone wondering). I found myself falling big for a bag, that I will now reveal -- I love the size (fits the same amount if not more than a m/l), the strap (can easily be worn cross body on someone my size (5'5"), the hardware and the fact that it seems indestructible. I have strong feelings about the quality of this bag so far. Anyway, without further ado ...
  2. #2 Jul 17, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2016
    image.jpeg Photo 1 ... Cats very interested ...
  3. #3 Jul 17, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2016
    image.jpeg Photo 2 ...
  4. image.jpeg Getting into the good stuff now ...
  5. image.jpeg And ...
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  6. image.jpeg Here's the back ... The little pocket wouldn't fit a phone; better for receipts and things ...
  7. image.jpeg Here is a view from the side ...
  8. image.jpeg And a view of the inside ...
  9. image.jpeg And, lastly, the product info - this one is the smaller (smallest?) size; it was $3K. Saks had it in an orange/red and a tan ... Both were gorgeous!
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  10. I love those CC's, that would make a great brooch :smile:

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  11. Hey, nice work! Jealous you were in NOLA. I did my undergrad there and love that town.
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  12. Thus is a great, modern shape and live the finish. Enjoy!
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  13. I LOVE this bag! I'm on ban island for a while so have not allowed myself to look for it otherwise I would have- I just love it. Congratulations!
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  14. Very nice and so unique. I just love Seasonal bags. The zipper on the back pocket is great for receipts and the lock is so pretty it could be a brooch! What a wonderful remembrance of your vacay!
    I spy 2 precious black kitty cats. I love black cats... have 1 myself. His name is JJ (that would be for JJ Watt). You won't get it if you don't watch American football. :biggrin:
  15. Thank you thank you for your kind words!!! JJ sounds adorable- does he express great, if not critical interest, in things he's not supposed to be messing with LOL? Every time a box is opened in my
    house, the cats appear- their names are Ray and Eli :smile: :smile: