Reveal of second LV bag! (Pallas Clutch)

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  1. I needed a durable clutch for after works (will throw it into a back pack during the day and want it to survive that). The Pallas Clutch doesn't fully fit all my essentials but it is too cute to resist. The Pochette Accessoaire fits everything and is half price but nope, it had to be the Pallas Clutch ;)

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  2. Beautiful! Enjoy...
  3. Congrats! :smile:
  4. Lovely! Congrats!
  5. Beautiful clutch! ️️️️
  6. Better picture!
  7. This is such a darling little clutch! I love the noir and mono combo. Congratulations!

  8. Thanks! I love both the black and the red one haha! But I bought the black since I think it will be more classic with the SAs carrying it :smile:
  9. Oh congrats! You got it after all. I know, how can we resist it, it's so cute! Noir is so beautiful.

  10. Hahaha, yes! And I was actually going into the store to but the pochette acc. in DE and came out with the Pallas Clutch. So I guess I am quite drawn to it :P
  11. Cute
  12. Congrats and enjoy :smile:
  13. Congrats on this little beauty! This makes a more attractive clutch than the pochette so you made the right choice. Enjoy!
  14. Well, I do appreciate all your help a lot! And I will probably but the pochette as well since it is perfect except for the Pallas Clutch being more beautiful haha. The pochette is exactly what I need while the Pallas Clutch is what I want :P so i will end up with both I guess ;)
  15. Pretty! Congrats!