Reveal of Robinson mini satchel. Thoughts?

  1. I received this today after ordering it online and not seeing it in person. I just felt the regular satchel was too big for me to carry around everyday with two kids. I really like it. My only concern is I am 5'7 and feel like it looks too small for me. What do you think? Should I exchange it for the Robinson double zip tote or keep this one.





  2. i think the size isn't a problem :smile: if you really like it - keep it! :smile:
  3. I think it's nice on you, and the strap would keep your hands free. However if you don't like it and prefer the other style, you should definitely exchange it. This one is nice, though.

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  4. I think it's a little small. Exchange for the bigger one. Also, everytime you do a reveal we get to see your belly growing. LOL.
  5. Lol! So true it is growing, 10 more weeks to go! Trying to get my shopping done now because I know I won't be able to for a while. I just feel the big one is so big for a structured satchel bag. If it was like the LV speedy and gave a little it wouldn't be bad but it seems like I will be carrying big box around if I get the big one. I would definitely be using it with the strap. Maybe I will just return it and wait for something else. Thank you for your advice :smile:
  6. I don't think it looks small on you
  7. Thank you...just didn't plan on buying this and want to make sure it's not an impulse purchase that I will regret in the near future. I really do like it though! Seems like such a well made bag and got it on sale.
  8. I've liked that bag ever since I saw it and waited for it to go on sale but it never did! So you're lucky. Hope you enjoy it and congrats on your baby!
  9. Nordstrom actually matched the Tory butch f&f sale and did the 25 percent off. Tory butch was all sold out of the mini in black so it worked out great!
  10. Have you seen the regular sized one? Do you think it is too big or would you prefer that over the mini? I'm surprised at the small price difference between the two because there is a big size difference. They should have made the mini slightly larger.
  11. This is so cute!! I think it is a cute size, and I don't think it would be too small as a daily use bag. (Does this have gold or silver HW? Did they make the mini with silver hardware, does anyone know?) I'm really thinking that the Robinson Satchel will be my next bag... I'm loving this style!
  12. Thank you! I have not seen the mini with silver but that would be so pretty! This one is gold but the TB is very small so not very noticeable, which I like. They have the regular black with a dark silver hardware but have not seen the mini with silver. It actually fits my iPad so I am liking the size!
  13. Yes I've seen the regular size and I think it's a bit big! I'm the same height as you and prefer the mini - it's a cute and good size! Are you normally a big bag girl?
  14. Thats what I think about the regular sized one. No I'm not normally a big bag person and the larger bags I have are more like hobos. If I get a large bag it will be a LV/Gucci because they are so light and love the way they hang.
  15. I am loving this bag!! Glad I got it and saw the regular sized one today while shopping and it is way too big for me! It seems to be double the size of the mini. Nice bag for those who like very large structured handbags though.