Reveal of recent treesje purchases

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  1. Just wanted to share pics of my recent treesje purchases with all of you treesje lovers~ thanks for all the great help!!

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  2. Great finds! My favorite in the teal mini magnolia. So pretty. Love the others too. :smile:
  3. Love em, congrats!
  4. Gorgeous!!! That wine mini marley looks sooo much better in your pic than it did on the amazon website. The color seems so rich...
  5. You have all of my favorite Treesjes. I used to owned a mini magnolia but sold it to raise some funds, I miss it. Is your other magnolia the grey shine one, you are lucky to have that one, its so hard to find. I used to have the pink asher too! I am getting an asher again when my electric blue one arrives. Lovely, lovely collection, thank you for sharing.
  6. they are all gorgeous!! congrats! :nuts:
  7. Congrats on all your lovely purchases!
  8. Oh my - TWO - Magnolia's! GORGEOUS!
  9. Really niiice Treesje collection. Congrats!