Reveal of Prada Impulse purchases - small items

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  1. it was a case of wanting to buy a particular item, a cosmetic pouch, but wasn't sure what colour and size.

    the nice SA took out all the available colours and i took my pick.

    it was a choice between the bright fuschia and this from the latest collection.... picts of item coming soon.

    oh yes... and ofcourse... i picked up something for a friend... completely irrationally.

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  2. and here are the items!

    my first prada cosmetic pouch!


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  3. Pretty! I love the color of that pouch!
  4. Love Prada pouches!!! I put my makeup and loose stuff in them so all that extra stuff doesn't roll around in my bags...Congrats!!!
  5. love it...

  6. Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Great new things - congrats!!!!
  8. lovely! congrats :smile:
  9. thank you ladies! the colour of the pouch is really unique, its grey in certain lightings and purplish in others! would be nice to see a tote in that colour!
  10. the color of the pouch is adorable! congrats!
  11. I love that color! Congrats.
  12. Oh I would love to get another cosmestic pouch that's wider than the one I have. I have a flat pouch and while it's cute, it's a little too flat.

    Very nice purchases! I was eyeing one of those bracelets when I first saw it on Prada's website. Two great buys!