Reveal of my second Bal

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  1. Thanks to all with all the nice comments. I am so thrilled with the gloss on the leather as it just stands out from my old one. It never had that look even when it was new. I wonder if it is a different process or could it be the change of leather? Anyway, I am thrilled with it because I was so worried about even the zippers after the problems with the one I returned. Looks as if I will save my pennies and perhaps think of getting a Velo in one of the reds but that will be a some time. Perhaps my birthday in January if I can manage it!
  2. You just can't beat a black city. Congrats to you! Still torn over which Bal to get but after looking at yours I'm leaning in that direction.

  3. Be sure to post a pic where we can see it if you decide to get one!
  4. Be sure to post after you decide and pics when it arrives. :woohoo
  5. Can you take a picture of the leather in outside lighting?
  6. Congrats :smile:
  7. I can. I just saw your message and I am still trying to import my pics. I have even gone through itunes and it still isn't working. So frustrating. Will try tomorrow but even if I had seen your message there would be no pics today becasue it poured rain all day.
  8. Did you just upgrade to iOS7 ?
    Look forward to your pictures! :smile:
  9. Yes, I did just upgrade to iOS7 and I had to leave my Mac at the store today. I re-set it last night and did everything it said to do and still no import. They are keeping it to see what the issue is. I have the pics and if you want to see them I can email them to you from my iPhone. I took some with my Mulberry (which is a deep black matte) to show you a comparison. They are both very black but different because of the finishes. I am not a stalker but a career woman with two children who are grown. It is up to you and I certainly understand if you don't want to do so. I won't get my Mac back for about a week.
  10. I'll private message you my info.
  11. Beautiful!
  12. Beautiful! Enjoy!
  13. Gorgeous! Truly a timeless classic!
  14. Love your bag and your dogs too
  15. So lovely!!!