Reveal of my Purchase Today!!!!! SO PERFECT!

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  1. I was on Vacation when my SA called and I died when she told me what she had for me. I thought I would never get this bag in a million years. Have been wait for I would say 3 years or more. You will never guess what it is!:smile::graucho::cool:
  2. I am here, I am here!!!
  3. Ready too!
  4. That is a long wait !! Congrats and can't wait to see your photos.
  5. Dying to see!
  6. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:I am here!
  7. #7 Apr 13, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2016
    I can't just drag a picture into the window. haven't had a reveal for a long time. Sorry ladies. Posted on my blog. But I figured it out how to post the photo. BelowVVV
  8. Beautiful Constance !! Congrats.
  9. Here it is A Constance Cartable 29cm Black with Perma brass!!

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  10. Thank you > chkpfbeliever
  11. Its beautiful!! Definitely worth 3 years of waiting. :smile:
  12. Thank! I couldn't believe it. My SA told me she can only sell one Constance per month, depending on the availability.
  13. Wow! Congrats!! The leather looks so gorgeous on your Constance!
  14. this is beyond beautiful, I will forever regret passing up one I was offered in NYC last year. I was just to unfamiliar to appreciate the rarity of it then... ask me now!
    May you enjoy it for years to come :smile:
  15. i am sososososoo glad =)
    especially when it wasnt expected on vacation
    thanks for sharing