Reveal of my not so usual GOYARD customization

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  1. Thanx for the kind words.

    Nope..... Not nervous at all since I've seen his fabrication work before.
  2. Thanx LVk8
  3. GOYARD unfortunately doesn't do this.

    I took an old GOYARD wallet and sent it to Rob at
  4. Thanx Ayumiken for the kind words.
  5. That is a beautiful watch!

    Just wondering, did Rob only make watch straps or did he also make the cardholder?
  6. Thanx Aelfaerie for the comment on the watch.

    Rob makes warch straps and some other items.

    Cardholder you can buy from GOYARD boutique
  7. MAISON GOYARD Family:

    My Mommy's Marquise's custom purse, My diaper bag folded open and ok sitting on it, and my Daddy's custom fabricated watch straps

  8. Good Evening, My husband has the same watch, and we have the same coin purse....where did you have it made? Thank you for the idea.
  9. Contact Rob from

    Tell him John Mendoza sent you

  10. Nice haul not to mention cutest baby ever!!!!
  11. Kisses


    -Baby Devin
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