Reveal of my not so usual GOYARD customization

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  1. Love the straps! Great idea.
  2. Stunning, beautiful, creative, and one-of-a-kind. I love it!
  3. What a great idea. Love this!
  4. I'm currently doing my research on the Goyard brand and have found this info from Wikipedia...

    Symbolic meaning of the Goyard Chevron pattern

    The dots on the fabric supposedly represent three chevrons juxtaposed to form a Y, the central letter in the Goyard family name. Edmond Goyard used the three chevrons of the letter Y to sign his canvas just like a painter would sign his painting: his name written in white is the only element that truly stands out, whilst the address of the Paris store is spelled in two different shades of brown, and “Paris” is repeated twice, and arranged in a centrally symmetrical stack. Edmond Goyard was the very first trunk maker to build his name into his canvas, and did so even before the year 1900. The piled up dot pattern was clearly inspired by the Goyard family history, and evokes their “Compagnon de rivière”(log drivers) ancestors.
  5. Very unique!
  6. this is stunning!!!! :cool:
  7. Gnuj and Pupee

    Thanx..... Just wore my watch today and just love the strap

  8. This is just brilliant :nuts:
  9. Thanx for the approval Blacksheep :biggrin:
  10. This is just beyond creative! Love the idea and it turned out awesome! How long was the entire process from start to finish in terms of crafting the straps?

  11. that is actually, pretty amazing! were you nervous at all sending it to be cut up?
  12. How cool? I love it!
  13. Cool! Does goyard do that for you?? I'm a newbie. :roflmfao:
  14. Beautiful sharing... must admire your choice
  15. Thanx for the kind words.

    Just depends on how busy Rob at TheStrapSmith is.

    It took around 2 months after being sent to be completed.
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