Reveal of my not so usual GOYARD customization

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  1. I am a BIG Maison GOYARD fan...... And have done a few reveals of our (my wife and I) personalized GOYARDS.

    I am also a big PANERAI watch fan.

    So why not do a PANERAI x GOYARD Collaboration :smile:

    We have a St. Louis PM as a diaper bag and never used the attached coin/wallet purse.

    So I took the liberty of sending the GOYARD coin/wallet purse to Rob Montana of The StrapSmith

    And voila..... What you see here is the outcome..... The life of the unused GOYARD coin/wallet purse has been transformed to some customized GOYARD watch straps for use on my 44mm PANERAI 104.







  2. very cool. the watch looks fantastic with the goyard strap. thank you for sharing.
  3. Of course.... Anytime.

    All in the name of fashion and especially GOYARD :smile:
  4. Wow. What a great idea. I love how it looks.
  5. How beautiful! What great work they do.
  6. Thanx Bag*Snob,

    Item transformed and reborn to have a better and more useful life in my GOYARD collection. :biggrin:

    Thank you Lzamare for the kind words.

    Rob of TheStrapSmith does awesome work as you can see yourself :smile:
  7. What a great way to use an underutilized part of your collection! It turned out to be a truly unique piece. What about the beautiful snap closure? Did you keep it?
  8. wow! :smile: what a creative idea. the straps are really cool!
  9. Hi PsychoBagLady,

    Thanx for the compliment.

    I never asked for the beautiful snap closure back..... I was too much in awe of having 4 straps from that wallet

    Thank You :biggrin:
  10. Wow, very nice! =)
  11. That is epic man!!
  12. MrVuitton and Goyardorgohome,

    Thanx for the praise and support!!!!!
  13. I love it!

  14. I love it too!!!!

    Maraming Salamat Pare!

    Thank you very much my friend.
  15. That is so cool & creative!
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