Reveal of my new Mademoiselle Vintage

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  1. I've been eyeing this bag since I saw a picture in the Store Finds thread. But I knew I wanted the small size. An SA recommended to me on tpf tracked one down for me. I have one friend (my friend Sue) who would be interested in seeing pictures of my new bag. No one else I know gets it! So I am sharing my excitement here where other bag addicts hang out.

    1467128843847.jpg 1467128849394.jpg 1467128856848.jpg
  2. 1467128901948.jpg 1467128912908.jpg 1467128922628.jpg
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  4. beautiful bag! I just purchase one as well, but it's in navy blue. however, I started to notice there's a big dent underneath the second small flap that leaves a big square mark. It's driving me insane looking at it though.
  5. 1467129233666.jpg
  6. Congrats! This color is drop-dead gorgeous! I'm seriously in love with the hardware as well. Do you mind sharing the price?
  7. Was the dent there when you got it? I wonder what caused it?

    I love the navy blue.
  8. Yup, the dent was already there. I thought it was just one bag but the SA took out at least 3 for me to check and all came with dents. I took a pic of it. dent.jpg
  9. I'm lucky I have no dents. Or other issues... Mine was a phone order from Saks. It arrived 3 days early. Fedex, no signature required, so left outside in the bushes near my garage for most of the day. Husband saw it in the backup camera of his truck (in time), tossed the box into the garage. It rained soon after. I thought it was his office supplies he tossed. A while later he mentions I got a package.

    I wonder how those dents got there. Storage issues? Maybe it will work it's way out with use?
  10. lucky you! your bag looks perfect. Congrats on the new purchase. Yes, I think it's a storage issue as well.
  11. Congrats on your new mademoiselle vintage!!
  12. Gorgeous! I got the same bag, but in the large. So you mind doing a mod shot? Im starting to think yhe large is too big. Thanks!
  13. Congrats! What a gorgeous bag and color!
  14. They had the large on hand but told the SA I wanted the small. Hadn't seen either irl but I watched a boutique youtube video that showed both sizes. (Skip ahead to 3 minutes)

    My SA put out a 'locator request' to find a small one.

    Mod shot 1467139366783.jpg
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  15. PS - Many thanks to Civ's Closet youtuber for her helpful, fun videos.