reveal of my Hs

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  1. here are my first reveal....of my Hs + pic me wearing it :P

    :heart: k32 black box sellier gold hardware
    photo 4.JPG
  2. Very nice
  3. can you see the pic? i cant :nogood:
  4. b25 rose shocking chevre :love:
    photo 3-1.JPG
  5. Gorgeous
  6. The Kelly is stunning!! And looks great on you! Big Congrats on both :smile:
  7. k32 gold togo :cool:
    photo 2.JPG
  8. b30 ebene togo gold hardware :graucho:
    photo 1-2.JPG
  9. bolide 31 orange clemence + constance 23 black box gold hardware :Partyhat:
    photo 5.JPG
  10. thank you :blush:
  11. put them together (minus kelly gold & bolide)
  12. thank you Luvquality :blush:
  13. Beautiful! Congratulations!!
  14. Nice collection !! Love your orange Bolide !
  15. The color is amazing!