Reveal of My Graduation Surprise, Blessed :)

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  1. A few months ago I've created a thread, looking to get advice between two red bags. A few comments and a store visit later, I've decided on getting bag X (the one in this reveal). I then asked my parents, who were visiting Paris at the time, to purchase this bag for me.

    Upon their return, however, my parents have informed me that the bag was out of stock in Paris. I was sad, but decided to put it aside as I had to focus on completing my Bachelors Degree.

    Fast forward to my graduation day, my mother surprised me big time when she showed up with a familiar brown paper bag in her hand :smile:
  2. Reveal to us! :biggrin:
  3. I peeked inside, the color red was not in sight. But it was bag X that I wanted in a beautiful color that have never caught my attention..

    Presenting my Empreinte Montaigne MM in Dune ♡

  4. Awesome way to celebrate your graduation! :biggrin:
  5. My mother told me that this beauty was a surprise gift from my father who couldn't make it to my graduation ceremony. The fact that he picked out the color, saying that it matches well my with neutral color palette in the closet, makes it much more special.

    My father wished he could be here in person to give me his graduation gift. Little did I know that he would surprised me by flying in for a few hours (from his business trip in Los Angeles) the next day just to take this photo with me ♡

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  6. Dune has always been under my radar because I never find it attractive on the Louis Vuitton website. I thought I would prefer Taupe as my neutral Empreinte color, but was disappointed by it when I saw it at the store.

    My father obviously knows me better than myself. Dune works perfectly well with my outfits (I do wear a lot of white, grey, and black). It even matches perfect with the Tory Burch flats that my best friend bought for me as my birthday gift a few months back :smile:

    Here's Montaigne and I dropping my mother off at the airport. I am 5'9 for reference :smile:

  7. Thank you ladies for joining me in this special reveal. It really means a lot for me. Hope you all have a good night, take care ♡
  8. So sweet and thoughtful! Congratulations and the bag looks lovely on you :heart:
  9. Congrats on your special bag! Enjoy!
  10. Congrats on your academic achievements and enjoy your bag!
  11. Congrats on your graduation! Lovely parents and beautiful bag! :smile:
  12. Awww so sweet! Congratulations on your accomplishment. You have very lovely parents!
  13. Congrats Earth! I remember when you were first moving over to Seattle to attend school. What an amazing day for you - hope you enjoy the bag as a reminder of all your hard work! :smile:
  14. Congratulations! You are blessed with lovely parents..[emoji4]
  15. Congratulations!
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