Reveal of my first Hermes SLGs

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  1. I just got my first SLG from Hermes (I don't count bracelets). After doing some research, I decided to go with a Diabolo in peacock blue made of mysore and a Bastia in hydra blue color (also mysore).

    The Diabolo is the ultimate minimalist card holder. Initially I bought it to hold my business cards but then I discovered it can barely fit 2 cards, so I'm now planning to use it as a card holder for special occassions (for creditcard + ID).

    I never carry any coins so I'm planning to use it to keep misc stuff in there. You can never have enough little pouches in my experience.

    Thanks for letting me share this with everyone :smile:

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  2. very nice pops of color!

    I have a bastia and love it for coins. I also bought a bastia for a friend..... little did I know, she has square business cards and they fit perfectly in it.
  3. Loving the colours
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  4. Congratulations, the colours are gorgeous. I'm a sucker for anything blue.
  5. Congrats enlux ! You got some beautiful SLGs. They are the best small indulgences from H. Enjoy them in good health.
  6. Love the pop of colors! Congrats :smile:
  7. Love the colors, congrats!
  8. that Bastia is stunning! looking forward to purchasing one of these when I go to Paris in a few months, I hope they might have this color :cool:
  9. very nice!! :biggrin: :tup:
  10. Yes poppy fun!!!
  11. Gorgeous colors and gorgeous items. Masterpieces in miniature...
  12. Beautiful and very useful.
  13. Thanks everyone!
    I managed to put a third card in the Diabolo so now I can carry an ID, amex and visa card. There are still small shops and food trucks where I live that don't accept amex so this is perfect. It doesn't stretch the leather much and I expect it to become more supple over time. This makes it my new daily wallet. So happy!
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  14. Congrats! Those are the best 2 colors out for Fall in chevre IMO! They are so beautiful!!! Enjoy!
  15. I love both colors. Very good choices.
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