Reveal of My First H Bag "To Beat The Monday Blues"

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  1. I have been hoping to get a dark colored GP for a while. Went to Hermes to "ONLY" get a twilly but happened to ask the SA what GP she has available. And then she showed me this - GP36 in Bleu Nuit. It's a beautiful deep blue/navy color. I'm so happy to get my first H bag and I hope there's more to come. Thanks for letting me share :smile:

    Here's my attempt at an "unboxing" :biggrin:









  2. lovely!!!!
  3. Congrats on your first H bag, and the perfect matching twilly too~
  4. I see you got the perfect bag for your twilly! :biggrin:
    Congrats and enjoy in good health!
  5. oh bleu nuit is so beautiful
    and i love the choice of twilly that really brings a pop and focus to the bag =)
    thanks for sharing and welcome to h
  6. ahhh hahaha reminds me of my story of only going in to get a twilly and ended up getting a constance compact as well LOL. i guess they always show up at your most unexpected moments!

    bleu nuit is so beautiful, considering to get a lindy in this color too.
  7. Gorgeous color, congrats! GP is a great first H bag.
  8. Gorgeous!! Congrats!
  9. Congrats! What a beautiful color love your GP
  10. It's a beautiful bag! The twilly is perfect for it. Excellent choice 😄
  11. Congrats! BN is so beautiful for a GP - dark and striking without being as 'straightforward' as black! Twilly looks gorgeous too!
  12. Perfecto
  13. Such a heavenly colour and I'm sure you'll love the Garden Party , it's chic and functional at the same time. A really brilliant choice for your first H bag.
  14. What a beautiful ensemble! Congrats
  15. I love this color!!!! Congrats!!