Reveal of my first EVER pair of Tod's!

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  1. couldn't resist... these are my very first pair and they were going at 40% off at DFS of Singapore's Changi Airport T2.

    its been said that tod's flats are the most comfortable for years, and i had never thought that would matter until i made the transition of heels to flats.

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  2. And where are they????? [​IMG]
  3. and here they are!!!! :yahoo:

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  4. a steal at SGD390. it was between grey and pink.


    settled on grey... because i hope to wear them for a long long time.

  5. Beaaaaaaaaaaaautiiiiiful!!!!
    I didn't see these on sales and I bet if I did I wouldn't find them my size lol
    Congratulations on this beautiful shoes, I love them :biggrin: you should take modeling pictures too, would love to see with what you going to wear it.
  6. Think the grey was a good choice, shopping! I like the contrast between the back of the shoe and the piping––and I think these shoes are truly versatile. Enjoy them! But beware . . . TOD'S shoes are addictive!!
  7. Those are stunning! I haven't seen that particular design in the BH boutique. I love it! And ITA the grey will be more versatile than pink! Beautiful choice! Congrats :biggrin:
  8. Love the style and color!
  9. Wow!!!!! They are gorgeous, CONGRATS.... Never saw them IRL, but I love them [​IMG] Another Tod's to put in my - ever growing - list
  10. thanks! will put up modeling picts when i get a chance to wear them! *giggles#

    ps: think i'm already addicted to this pair when i tried them on.. have a feeling that i would be adding a pair every season to grow a collection!
  11. So cute!!! I didn't see this style in the Chicago Tod's store either--I would have remembered.

  12. Ahhhhh so pretty! and at 40% off...congrats! You will love Tod's and the comfort they offer.
  13. Congrats! Those are so beautiful! I love Tod's flats!
  14. Beautiful!!! Slippery slope you have entered, lol! There will be more!! Enjoy!
  15. Beautiful flats! Congrats!