Reveal of My First Dior Bag

  1. Got my very first Dior bag today!




    I was told there's only one in each boutique in my country, wonder how true is it. But still..

    I'm so excited and happy!


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  2. Come on lets see
  3. From the side.... I love the champagne gold hardware and the dior charm.. :smile:



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  4. Congrats, very pretty
  5. I love how it looks when wearing across body..


    This evening clutch pouch can be worn on the side with single or double chain too..

    I'm in love with this purchase..!

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  6. Thanks! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  7. Beautiful! congrats
  8. Very pretty! Your username was coined before you got this pink Dior? How awesome is that? Lol
  9. I was in love with that girly series that Dior launched in 2003 or 2004. And started to use this nick because that was my dream collection! :biggrin::biggrin: I was about to enter uni and have no money for luxury bags at that time. Till today, I still hope they'll re-launched the girly collection!
  10. Classy, simple, and elegant! J'adore!!! Congratulations!

  11. PinkDior THis is lovely! :biggrin: Congratulations! Are you planning to use it for everyday or special occasions? Seems like it could hold a few essentials. I see that the chain can be completely removed (vs. unlatched on one side and put inside) Can you show how to double up the chain? IS this the larger version of the clutch? THanks for posting!
  12. Beautiful! Whats the name of the colour?

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  13. quietly adorable. i love it. Congras!!! :tup::hbeat:
  14. SA told me the color is fuchsia. The color they have current in my local boutique for lady Dior too..

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  15. Luscious colour. :smile: