*reveal of my 2 new babies ^^ M/L FLAP + WOC *


sydney girl at heart
Jan 24, 2009
Paris, France
hello chanelettes,

today had been a great day!!:yahoo:

see i had wanted these 2 babies for xmas eve but when i visited the store last week, my city had run out of these completely and apparently had to get each bag from 2 different stores in another state and that it will arrive today, i went home last week pretty grumpy:pout: Hehehe there's something about not taking a bag home with me i guess. So they called me today and i raced there and i feel so relieved! and in fact they told me that i had bought the last M/L in its color in the country :graucho:

:useless: so lets start the reveal with some pictures taken with my blackberry

image 1: heart beats fast...