Reveal of my 1st WOC, black Boy in Caviar, shiny ghw

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  1. It took me quite a while to decide if I could use or even wanted a wallet on chain. My Eva clutch is good for some things, but sometimes annoys me. So I found one and had it Fedex'd. 1466252838885.jpg 1466252854581.jpg 1466252860637.jpg 1466252878088.jpg

    PS , the leather is buffalo, not calf skin
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  2. I just saw this over in LV forum and came over here to see this some more! So pretty!!! Congrats!!!
  3. GorgeousCongrats!!!
  4. Absolutely gorgeous :smile: I'm an LV girl at heart and have the Eva clutch too. My SA at the Nashville, TN Nordstrom has me on a list for a Fall Act 1 patent WOC. This will be my first Chanel purchase and I'd love to get your opinion on the WOC. I understand the quality of the leather Chanel uses is amazing.
  5. Yes. I love LV. I love the lightweight utility of the canvas. I'm a fan of Epi leather, too. Chanel makes gorgeous bags but more girly & fussy (dare I say?) It depends on not just the occasion, but the mood I'm in. My only other Chanel is lambskin and it is amazing. I have no patent bags but would love to see yours when you get it. What color are you waiting for?

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  7. Congrats on your beautiful WOC!
  8. Thank you! I don't know why it took me so long to decide to get one. I love it. I took it to a retirement party last night.
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  9. I love it!! Congrats on getting such a wonderful piece.
  10. Gorgeous woc! Congrats!
  11. Omg beautiful boy! Do you happen to have the code number of this item? Thanks
  12. Congrats!
  13. Congratulations! The boy WOCs are gorgeous! My next WOC will be a boy. :angel:
  14. Congrats!
  15. Congrats! Beautiful woc