Reveal of Men's SS19 Papillon Messenger

Mar 7, 2007
I was really taken with the look of the new re-imagined Papillon messenger bag from the Men's SS19 show. Luckily CS managed to say they had limited stock in the Selfridges pop-up so I managed to get one of the last available in stock (another woman was purchasing the same bag at the same time but had to have the display one).

Anyway thoughts: for the price point you get a decent sized bag which can be worn two ways, as a shoulder bag or as a messenger. Black leather trim means no worry about vachetta.
It immediately made my heart sing, and is comfy to carry, very slouchy (although have not put lots in it yet) and seems to have lots of room.

The orange chain, it says 'resin' on the website but I think that is just LV's posh word for plastic, the chain is very light weight and I am not sure how well it will hold up BUT I am not going to worry about that, I am going to love using this bag until it collapses! Also the orange chain is really hard to photograph, it looks really light orange in most of my pictures and on the website but IRL it is a much darker vibrant orange. p1.jpg p2.jpg p3.jpg p4.jpg